SADRC Repeater Exciting News!

We put up our 443.200 repeater in Somerset (SW corner of 1604) in South San Antonio area in July.  It is currently at 60 feet and providing around 30 miles mobile coverage assuming a Fifty (50 watt) mobile and decent antenna. 

We put up Two (2) different used commercial antenna’s and unfortunately the antennas are not operating efficiently on the amateur bands.  After Two (2) times climbing that 150-foot tower, we decided it’s time purchase a brand-new antenna.  After careful review, we arrived at the decision to purchase a Hustler Spirit series commercial antenna.  This antenna is manufactured by New-Tronics and is hand built and tuned to our specs for 443.200.  The antenna has 6Dbd or 8.215 Dbi of gain and will handle 130 MPH wind gusts.  It will withstand any harsh weather that we may have.

The generosity of the community (Gift of Money) has enabled us to purchase the antenna and it will be delivered in December. We are excited to upgrade this repeater for all of San Antonio and beyond for the community’s use.  

We have the holidays upon us but if we can find time, we would like to get this up to 150 feet before the end of the year.  Below is the link to the antenna that the club acquired.

Thanks so much for the community support.  It means so much to the leadership of the club and all of its membership!

Below is the link to the antenna and a heat map showing expected mobile coverage.  (Base coverage to be further).

Base Spirit Model 430-450 MHz (

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