SADRC Net Script

This is (Name) ________, (Call) ________ and I will be Net Control Station (NCS) for the Texas San Antonio Digital Radio Club (SADRC). I am located in (city) _______________, Texas.  We are a System Fusion repeater network originating from San Antonio, TX but not limited to any geographic area.

The SADRC Fusion Net meets every Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM Central time.  The purpose of the net is to serve as a forum for Technical Discussions, Communicate Information, and to develop Fellowship within the amateur community.  Our format is a Topic and Technical Net. I will be providing the net topic shortly.

Our network currently operates from the following areas:

                         Texas SADRC Network 
Repeater’sFreewayCityCall SignNetworkCountySponsor
146.780I35 /I10San AntonioWS5DRCTexas SADRCBexarOff
443.200I35/I10SW San AntonioWS5DRCTexas SADRCBexarSADRC
442.750281/I35San AntonioN8IQTTexas SADRCBexarSADRC
147.160281/I35San AntonioN8IQTTexas SADRCBexarSADRC
441.8125I35Live OakW5NZKTexas SADRCBexarSADRC
440.275281BlancoWS5DRCTexas SADRCComalSADRC
444.900I10BoerneKB5TXTexas SADRCKendallKARS
444.925Hill CountySisterdaleKB5TXTexas SADRCKendallKARS
147.160I35Round RockK5UUTTexas SADRCWilliamsonK5UUT
442.150I35AustinKA5CTexas SADRCTravisKA5C
441.575290McDadeNU5DETexas SADRCBastropNU5DE
145.27035W at 820WataugaK0BRNTexas SADRCTarrantK5UUT
442.57537Corpus ChristiK5ENTTexas SADRC K5ENT
443.350I90HondoKD5DXTexas SADRCMedinaMCARC

We are actively engaged in C4FM Fusion and operate on Yaesu Wires X room # 40324 (SADRC), YSF Reflector US SADRC / Reflector #84398, and FCS 003 Room 46.

Emergency Traffic

Any emergency traffic will be handled with top priority during this net. If you need to pass emergency traffic at any time during the net, please notify Net Control by saying Break Break!

Type of Net

This is a directed net. During the net, please direct all communications through Net Control, (callsign) ______ and again my name is ___________.


Before we get started on check In’s, Are there any general announcements for the group? Are there any net announcements for other repeater groups? (note: anything club related here) Others may have announcements as well.  How about nets from other repeater clubs? Upcoming hamfest, VE Testing Sites etc. Recognizing other Clubs/repeaters checked in. MIN WIS on Monday nights or other nets.

Tonight’s Topic will be  

Announce Net Topic now so this gives stations time to prepare

Type of Net

This is a Directed net with the following net procedures:

Please contact call Net Control and give your Call Sign, Name, and location.  We will acknowledge check In’s and go down the list and then call on you.

If you wish to check in but can’t stay the entire net, please state that that you are “In and Out”  We will log you but will not call on you again unless you recheck.

We will use the following format for Check-In’s.   Stations with Call Sign suffixes Call signs beginning with

Alpha – Hotel

India – Papa

Quebec – Zulu

We like to recognize our mobile check In’s or International stations first.  If you are mobile or international please call now.

I will now take Check-In’s with suffixes (use one of three above)

Any Stations who have not checked in please contact net control now with your Call Sign, Name, and Location.

Close Net

Great Net this evening!

We had # amount of Check-Ins this evening!

I would like to thank you for spending the evening with us on this evenings Texas SADRC net.

Please follow us on our website at or on our page once you become a member.  Membership is free.

We will hang out for a few minutes after the net for direct contact discussions.

The next scheduled net will be next Wednesday at 7:30 pm Central time.

This is (callsign) ________ , closing the net at (Provide the Time) wishing you 73 and catch you next Wednesday at 7:30 PM Central Time.

Please allow One (1) minute to allow repeater operators wishing to disconnect from the network time to do so.

Your option.  Close Netlogger!!!!