Other C4FM Fusion Networks

Texas Nexus

CityFrequencyCall SignNotes
Abiline441.050N5DUPSimplex Node
Benbrook (SW Fort Worth)440.700KA5TWA
Copper Canyon146.680NK5CC
Eddie147.240W5NCDDGID – TX 01 Required
Eddie442.300KD5ARNDGID – TX 01 Required
Hillsboro444.675W5BCRDGID – TX 01 Required
Killeen446.8750KI5NCOSimplex Node
Largo Vista444.950KC5WLF
Meridian444.400W5BCRDGID – TX 01 Required
San Antonio442.750N8IQT
San Marcos145.5625W5TAASimplex Node
San Marcos446.150K5MPSSimplex Node
The Colony443.300K5LRK
Waco 443.550KC5QIHDGID – TX 01 Required
Steerable Repeaters to Texas Nexus* Not full time on Nexus
Gun Barrel City (Cedar Creek area)145.230K8MKNSteerable/Not full time on Nexus
Amarillo444.300W5JTCSteerable/Not full time on Nexus
Borger444.600W5JTCSteerable/Not full time on Nexus
Stinnett444.800W5JTCSteerable/Not full time on Nexus

Texas Patriots

CityReceive FrequencyTransmit FrequencyC4FMCTCSS
Baytown444.975449.975Yes100.0 Hz
Houston444.000449.000Yes100.0 Hz
Clevelan444.650449.650Yes100.0 Hz
Coldspring147.160147.760Yes100.0 Hz
Walker County146.640146.040Yes100.0 Hz

DWARN  (Digital Wide Area Repeater Network)

DWARN is a Digital Wide Area Repeater Network. Most of the repeaters on the system are
networked together via WIRES-X with an HRI-200. The Bush, LA repeater is the only repeaters on the
system using the benefit of the IMRS abilities. The Bush, LA repeater is also running the node that
allows for the FCS003 / 29 DWARN connection with various hotspots.

FrequencyOffsetAccess LocationStateCountyCall UseModes
145.230-0.6 MHz107.2 / 107.2LivingstonLALivingstonW5GQOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
145.470-0.6 MHz114.8 / 114.8BushLASaint TammanyWI5ARDOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
145.490-0.6 MHz107.2Baton RougeLAEast Baton RougeKD5SLOPENFM Fusion
147.030+0.6 MHz114.8 / 114.8New Orleans, DowntownLAOrleansNO5LAOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
147.285+0.6 MHz107.2 / 107.2StarhillLAWest FelicianaW5KROOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
441.800+5 MHz88.5 / 88.5Natchez, Near city hall Natchez, MsMSAdamsKD5BIGOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
442.025+5 MHz103.5 / 103.5New IberiaLAIberiaKD5OONOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
442.125+5 MHz114.8 / 114.8LaCombeLASaint TammanyW5SLAOPENFM Fusion
443.200+5 MHz103.5 / 103.5ParksLASaint MartinWR5UOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
443.275+5 MHz107.2 / 107.2ConventLASaint JamesK5ARCOPENFM Fusion
443.375+5 MHzBaton RougeLAEast Baton RougeKD5QZDOPENFusion WIRES-X
443.400+5 MHz114.8 / 114.8BushLASaint TammanyWI5ARDOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
444.000+5 MHz77.0 / 77.0RaymondMSHindsW5PFROPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
444.250+5 MHz107.2 / 107.2Hammond, North Oaks Medical Center CampusLATangipahoaWB5NETOPENFM Fusion
444.600+5 MHz77.0 / 77.0Florence, Hwy 469 and Gunter RdMSRankinW5PFCOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
444.700+5 MHz127.3 / 127.3CalhounLAOuachitaKC5DROPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
444.875+5 MHz107.2 / 107.2ManchacLATangipahoaKD5QZDOPENFusion WIRES-X

Texas I-35 Repeater Network

FrequencyOffsetAccess  LocationStateCountyCall UseModes
145.190-0.6 MHzBeltonTXBellWD5EMSOPENFusion WIRES-X
145.300-0.6 MHz100.0 / 100.0Canyon LakeTXComalWD5EMSOPENFM Fusion
145.330-0.6 MHz100.0Round RockTXWilliamsonWD5EMSOPENFM Fusion WIRES-X
145.370-0.6 MHz103.5 / 103.5Lago Vista, @Rusty Allen AirportTXTravisKC5WLFOPENFM Fusion
147.220+0.6 MHz88.5 / 88.5LampasasTXLampasasKB5SXVOPENFM Fusion
441.550+5 MHzCC9 114.8 / 114.8La GrangeTXFayetteN5FRTOPENFM AllStar DMR EchoLink WIRES-X
442.700+5 MHzTroyTXBellWD5EMSOPENFusion
444.250+5 MHzBuffalo, Water TowerTXLeonWD5EMSOPENFusion WIRES-X
444.875+5 MHz100.0 / 100.0Round Rock, St Davids Surgical HospitalTXWilliamsonWD5EMSOPENFM AllStar Fusion WIRES-X