Club Constitution

Article I – Name

The name of the organization shall be “San Antonio Digital Radio Club” (SADRC)

Article II – Preamble

We the OFFICERS/OWNERS, wishing to secure for ourselves the pleasure and benefits of association with persons commonly interested in Amateur Radio, have joined together as the San Antonio Digital Radio Club (SADRC) and enact this Constitution as our governing body.  The purpose of this organization is to promote Amateur Radio as a worthwhile hobby, to promote the advancement of technical competence, operator skills, and to serve the community by providing public service, emergency communications, and other miscellaneous activities as needed or requested.

Our group will help create and develop innovation, demonstrate proper radio procedures, educate existing and new technologies to members, and challenge ourselves in the advancement of new and emerging Radio technologies.

Article III – Membership

All persons interested in Amateur Radio Communications, that is the Amateur Radio Service defined by the Federal Communications Commission 47 C.F.R, Part 97 shall be eligible for membership.  An application is required to be completed for Club Membership, but no financial dues or monies are required. Members do not have any formal voting rights.

Members are entitled use of the SADRC repeater network based upon written rules established by OFFICERS/OWNERS.  Applicants must agree and abide to such rules prior to formal SADRC membership acceptance.  All FCC rules must be followed without exception.   OFFICERS/OWNERS reserve to right to revoke any member who does not follow the rules established with repeated formal warning depending upon the infraction.  Failure to operate within 47 C.F.R, Part 97 of the FCC rules will not be tolerated without exception.

Opinions or polls by may be requested by OFFICERS/OWNERS of the general membership.  Simple decisions may be by requested from time to time and a motion will be approved by a simple “Yea” or “Nea”, by a show of hands, or simple ballot vote by the majority of the general membership.  All major or “other” decisions will be made by OFFICERS/OWNERS.  Communication of “Major” decisions will be communicated to membership prior to decisions being executed.


The OFFICERS/OWNERS shall be the governing body of the organization and shall meet regularly to determine such policies necessary for the continued growth and welfare of the organization.

The OFFICERS/OWNERS of the organization shall be licensed Amateur Radio Operators and shall be the governing body to oversee the meetings of the organization.  All major motions requiring a decision with be approved by a 75% majority vote by Officers/Owners. Titles will include: President, Vice President, Membership Coordinator/Secretary, and Treasurer.

Article V – Changes to the SADRC Constitution

This Constitution may be changed or modified by a vote by 3/4th majority vote by OFFICERS/OWNERS with notice given to the General Membership prior to changes being executed. Although membership approval is not required, it is the intent of the SADRC OFFICERS/OWNERS to obtain consensus that would be in the best interest of membership now and in the future. 

OFFICERS/OWNERS reserve the right to make decisions and execute decisions without membership approval.  Should a member not agree with a decision by OFFICERS/OWNERS, the member reserves the right to cancel membership or to let annual membership lapse with or without written notice.

Article VI – Meetings

Formal meetings will be held quarterly with members present. Other OFFICERS/OWNERS meetings will be called as needed.

VII – Finances

Any and all financial obligations will be shared equally between the OFFICERS/OWNERS. This may include items such as tower rental, utilities, insurance, computers, repeaters, amplifiers, preamps, power supplies, internet, etc. as needed to maintain or expand the network.  All financial decisions will be agreed to by majority vote as outlined. No new acquisition with take place without 100% agreement by Officers/Owners.  Full cost transparency will be provided to all OFFICERS/OWNERS.

All assets will be the property of the SADRC OFFICERS/OWNERS. If an OFFICER/OWNER wishes to leave the SADRC, the remaining OWNERS/OFFICERS will buy out that person within 90 days written notice to the other OFFICERS/OWNERS.   Any items that are personal property will be identified in writing as be exempt item and will be excluded form SADRC property. This is an item purchased by the owner is personal property but being used by the club. These items will known as “exception item” All property assets, financial transactions, and “other” associated costs will be maintained by the treasurer and be presented at each meeting. Budget costs will be discussed at each quarterly meeting so that all member Officers/Owners are aware of new potential items which would lead to costs associated with maintaining the SADRC Repeater Network.

Article VIII – Club Call sign

Any of the OWNER/OFFICERS can volunteer to be the club trustee. The club call sign will then be used on all the transmitters utilized in the SADRC network. All owner/operators will have the responsibility to monitor and govern all transmitters used in the network to make sure everything meets all FCC requirements.

Article IX – Dissolution of the Club

In the event that the OFFICERS/OWNERS wish to disband the club, then all assets will be sold off and divided equally among the remaining of the OFFICERS/OWNERS.

Any outstanding costs associated with dissolution of the club including final electricity, insurance, or other bills must be paid before any assets can be divided. A 30-day period to accrue for expenses will be assessed to allow time for any outstanding costs to surface.  Any deposits if any will be refunded after all other costs if any are paid.