At this time, SADRC is not levying dues for membership to the club. So far, the Board of Directors and other generous supporters have covered the costs for equipment and running the club. Some pieces of equipment belong to the club, and some personal property on loan to the club.

As the club grows, so will the associated expenses. From time to time we may “pass the hat” to cover needed expenses, such as equipment repairs or improvements to the repeater equipment. Such donations are entirely voluntary, and your membership in the club is not tied in any way to donations. At some point in the future, we may need to implement a membership fee, but we are not there yet. So, enjoy the free resources, and pitch in if you can.

Please Note: Joining our SADRC FaceBook group is not the same as a joining the SADRC Club as a member. If you want to be a club member, please complete the Membership Application form.

To submit your membership application:

  • Download a PDF version of the form
  • Print the form, fill it out, scan it to .pdf format, and email it to adminENTER_THE_AT_SYMBOL Just substitute an @ for the ENTER_THE_AT_SYMBOL in the email address.
  • OR download, print, fill out form, and take a photograph of it in .jpg format. Attach the photo to an email.
  • OR you can hand the completed form to a club official in person. We have membership applications available at our club meetings, too.
  • Link to PDF version of application: SADRC Membership Form

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