We are an amateur radio club based in San Antonio that is engaged in Yaesu System Fusion. (C4FM).

Core Values

  • Experiment
  • Innovate
  • Demonstrate
  • Educate
  • Collaborate
  • Have Fun

Our Mission

To experiment, innovate, demonstrate, educate, collaborate and challenge ourselves in advancing the state of the art of digital radio technologies; applying best practices in collaboration with amateurs and sharing lessons learned throughout the community.

Our Goals

To help others become involved with available digital technologies, understanding the benefits of each technology, and how to setup and use digital radio equipment. We will continuously challenge the status quo and pursue further advancements in Amateur Radio with emphasis on digital modes.


Repeater Network

Wires X Texas SADRC 40324

Please note that our old YSF connection, YSF SADRC 84398, will be discontinued in mid-May, 2024.

146.780N. Bexar County – 281 Corridor
443.200 SW San Antonio – SW 1604 Loop
442.750 OFF AIRN. Bexar County – 281 Corridor OFF AIR
147.160 OFF AIRN. Bexar County – 281 Corridor OFF AIR
440.275S. Blanco County -281 Corridor
441.81250Live Oak I-35
444.900Boerne – KARS
444.925 Sisterdale – KARS
443.350Hondo – MCARC
147.160Round Rock – K5UUT
442.150Austin – KA5C – University of Texas
441.575McDade – NU5DE
442.575Corpus Christi – K5ENT
145.270Fort Worth (Watauga) K0BRN
147.040Kerrville K7RHT I-10

How You Can Help SADRC

Your gift of money helps keep the SADRC network updated and operational for everyone to enjoy. You can visit our secure GoFundMe link here: SADRC GoFundMe

Wires-X and C4FM working together.

Wires x drawing

While we are primarily focused on System Fusion, however, we encourage experimenting with other digital protocols such as Wires-X, Winlink, FT8, JS8Call, etc.

Wires-X control using radio

Currently active nodes and rooms can be searched in real time, and viewed on the display of your transceiver. The display list is sorted according to the number of stations currently connected to the room, in other words by popularity. This lets you quickly find other active stations to communicate with.

Smart Access Function

WIRES-X automatically connects to nodes and rooms via the Internet. No more need to verify connection IDs or transmit cumbersome DTMF connection codes.
Information about nodes and rooms is exchanged via C4FM Digital signaling. Thanks to automatic reconnection to the previous contact, all you need to do is press PTT and start talking.
Easily search for new nodes and rooms, and initiate communication promptly when you find an ID that captures your interest.