SADRC Repeaters

Open for General Use to All Appropriately-Licensed Hams

SADRC repeaters are ‘open’ for licensed amateur operators with privileges to use the associated frequency bands and modes (U.S. Technician class and higher licensees, and foreign licensees with Technician-class-equivalent or higher granted privileges in the U.S. through reciprocal licensing agreements, etc.), and invited to try them out and make use of them

SADRC Fusion Repeaters

Call Sign (Wires ID)LocationCountyGridRx FrequencyOffsetTone/DCSMode
WS5DRCSan AntonioBexarEL09SK146.7800-0.6 MHz162.2HzFusion, Wires 40324
WS5DRCSan AntonioBearEL09QF443.2000+5.0MHz114.8 HzEcholink 150701, Fusion, Wires 40324
N8IQTSan AntonioBexarEL09SQ147.160+0.6MHzFM Carrier, Wires 40324
WS5DRCBlancoBlancoEL09TW440.275+5.0MHzFM Carrier, Wires 40324
N8IQTSan AntonioBexarEL09SQ442.750+5.0MHzEcolink 150701, Fusion, Wires 40324
W5NZKLive OakBexarEL09TN441.81250+5.0MHzFusion, Wires 40324
KB5TXBoerneKendallEL09OU444.900+5.0MHz88.4MHzFusion AMS, WiresX

Other Permanent Links to SADRC

Call Sign (Wires ID)LocationCountyGridRx FrequencyOffsetTone/DCSMode
KB5TXBoerneKendallEL09OU444.900+5.0MHz88.5MHzFusion AMS, WiresX
K5UUTRound RockWilliamsonEM10DM147.160+6.0MHzFM Carrier, Wires 18183
K0BRNFort WorthTarrantEM12IU145.270-0.6MHzFusion, Wires 33871
K5ENTCorpus ChristiNuecesEL17JO442.575+5.0MHzFusion
KA5C - UTAustinTravisEM10DG442.150+5.0MHzFusion Wires 40324

Repeater Coverage Heat Maps

Below is a set of repeater coverage maps for select repeaters.