SADRC Fusion Repeaters

  • 146.780 – NE San Antonio
  • 442.750 – 281 Corridor, N. Bexar County
  • 441.8125 – Live Oak I35 Area
  • 147.160 N Bexar County

Note: The above repeaters are always connected to the SADRC’s Wires-X room 40324 and cannot be moved by the user

  • 443.200 – Highway 281 Corridor, N Bexar County

This repeater is connected by default to the Texas-Nexus Wires-X room 21636.
You can move it if you like for up to one hour. After one hour, the repeater will move back to the Texas-Nexus automatically.
If you move the repeater to a different Wires-X room, please ensure you return it to room 21636 when done.

Other Permanent Links to SADRC

  • 145.27 – K0BRN – Wautaga, TX (North of Ft. Worth)
  • 444.90 – KB5TX – Kendall Amateur Radio Society (KARS), Boerne, TX

Remember: When you move a repeater to a different room, you are affecting everyone who uses the repeater. That’s OK, just make sure you don’t hijack it from someone local who is actively using it. If in doubt. key your mic and ask.
It is especially important not to leave the node connected to foreign rooms. Not everyone remembers to check which room is connected, and we don’t want people operating as if the node is local, when it’s actually connected to a room where the primary language is not English.