Thanks to John Douglas W5NZK who ran our JOTA event at McGimsey Scout Park here in San Antonio.  John spent countless hours to make this a rewarding event for everyone involved.  There were several volunteers who operated HF on 40, 20, and 10 Meters  

I would also like to recognize everyone who took time to make a contact with over 40-50 scouts over the weekend.  Some of the hams including NN7W (Terry), WA5ULE (Ralph), and KD8VHE (Kevin) helped the Scouts earn their radio merit badge. (not all-inclusive list)

It was very rewarding for the scouts and several parents were impressed with the capabilities of what amateur radio can do.  Several of the Scout’s parents took our website information and want to earn their amateur radio license.  Any time we can do something in a positive manner for the public it’s a good thing!  We have a very wide repeater network, and it should be used for public service.

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