Become a Club Member!

With the 9/25/19 club meeting approaching, we wanted to clarify what may be a misunderstanding about how SADRC Club membership and the SADRC Facebook group are related.

  • Joining the Facebook group for SADRC is not the same as joining the club. Lots of folks from all over are members of the FB group, but many have no need to join the club.
  • If you want to join the SADCR Club, please submit a membership application. You can find two versions in the Files section of the SADRC FB group, or use the one here, on our website:
  • NOTE:
    • The form has a button you can use to send your completed application to us.
    • These buttons work only if you open the form in Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Many web browsers and other third-party applications will open the form, but cannot make use of the buttons.
    • If you click the Email Form button, but nothing happens, you will need to save your completed form to your computer, then send it as an email attachment to the address found in the note at the top of the form.

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